Feb 19, 2020

Article de presse

The insolvable mystery of the people buried anonymously

An investigation concerning people buried anonymously in France has been conducted by the journalist Thibault Solano. His departing point was Mister François Thilman’s disappearance, who went missing at Ivry-sur-Seine, on the night of the 10th of December 2010.

Juliette Chapelle, the criminal lawyer representing Mister Thillman’s family was interviewed:

Juliette Chapelle finds the situation outrageous.

“Ten years after Mister Thilman went missing, we are still unable to find out what happened to him as the French system systematically refuses to analyze the corpses of people buried anonymously. Yet, we have every tool allowing us to do so, thanks to the FNAEG. In 2018, members of Parliament tabled a new bill that was rejected for pure budgetary reasons. We wish to relaunch the debate.”

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