Feb 20, 2020

Article de presse

Parental alienation in a Finnish way: a father’s nightmare

Chapelle Avocat, criminal law firm, represents the father of a little French-Finnish girl, who has been brought to Finland by her mother and who he hasn’t seen for several months.

My clients hasn’t received any information from the Finnish authorities since his daughter has been brought there”, said Juliette Chapelle, outrageously. No charges have been officially pronounced against him. My clients is not subjected to any obligation, he hasn’t heard from his daughter or from anyone else (…). My clients has rights which he is not being able to exercise. We are floundering, we have no leverage for action”, regrets Juliette Chapelle. We are facing a typical case of the parental alienation syndrome, the undermining by one parent against another in the presence of a child, coupled with the instrumentalisation of criminal law. This process is very difficult to argue for; due to the distance between my client, the mother and the child, the situation is inextricable, adds Juliette Chapelle”.

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