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Since 2016, we assist executive managers, business companies and private individuals: we give them the support and the defence they need in order to face the criminal proceedings they are involved in. Our clients particularly appreciate our fighting strategy, our daring, and the quality of the relationship we create and maintain with every single one of them. We are ranked among the best law firms in France in white-collar crime and criminal tax law (Ranking Décideurs Magazine - Leaders League)

Our Values

The values of our services

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Strategic decryption

The criminal judicial system is difficult to navigate through. Situations in which our clients’ criminal liability can be engaged are various and are very likely to cause them a high amount of stress.Therefore, we decrypt every situation in which are clients are involved in order to allow them to have a better understanding of it, set up the most suitable strategy in every case and protect their legal rights.
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Confidence and adaptability

Our clients are our partners. We are fully committed to them and dedicated to helping them go through every complex situation they face. Most of the cases we work on are very touchyand can last several years. We therefore develop longstanding relationships with our clients, based on trust. We make sure to address our clients’ needs and concerns in the best possible way by adapting ourselves to every situation according to the procedures, needs and interests at stake.
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Daring and fighting strategy

Every case is approached with a bold and a fighting spirit. We deeply care about the technicity of criminal law and develop daring strategies in order to face the complex and sensitivesituations faced by our clients. We put together all the means we have at our disposal to offer our clients the best legal representation we can.
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Our Services

Focus on criminal issues

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Criminal defense

We advise and represent our clients in front of the French and international jurisdictions in all matters of criminal law : general criminal law, business criminal law and international criminal law.

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Criminal risk management

Our criminal law firm represents a real asset for our clients. We deliver criminal risk counselling guidance which helps you acquire the right tools and reflexes to face criminal risk in your business

What our clients think about Chapelle Avocat


We have filed a civil suit in the criminal investigation to find out the truth about the assassination of our brother, Fernando Mourao. We appealed to Juliette Chapelle because thecase is very complex and we needed someone competent and trustworthy. Our fight with my sister and my two other brothers to know the truth and that the perpetrators of this horrible crime be punished was not heard by our former lawyer. From the day that Me Chapelle agreed to help us, her knowledge, skills and determination helped to move the issue forward. She obtained the non-closure of the investigation and the continuation of the investigations (DNA comparisons, hearings...). Juliette Chapelle has always taken the time to explain to us, to answer our questions and to be present at our side during the hearings and thus defend our interests. Her knowledge and seriousness in our case have led to numerous requests for relevant acts. She also benefits from a network of experts in DNA, ballistics... which has allowed real progress in the investigation. We have full confidence in Me Chapelle.
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Madame Adélia Noblet Mourao

Madame Adélia Noblet Mourao

I have met Juliette through Fregate, an incubator dedicated to contractors and restaurant owners. I had the chance to meet very inspiring professionals throughout the whole training,including Juliette, who held a workshop about the prevention of criminal risks. As a future restaurant owner, the workshop was very useful to me; before that, I did not know anything about all the risks linked to my business activity. During the workshop, Juliette was being very clear and spoke with ease. She went through the different criminal risks restaurant owners can face and gave us the tools to confront them in the best possible way. Juliette took the time to answer all of our questions; she is very caring and has human values. She allowed us to gain a better understanding of complex subjects by using simple words. I highly recommend going to her for legal advice. From now on, I know whom I shall go to if I ever encounter any legal difficulties with my restaurant.
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Abir Kraiem

Abir Kraiem

Founder of Benti

I relied on Chapelle Avocat law firm in 2016, when I was facing legal troubles in my personal life. She was very helpful ; she knew how to make me and my family feel safe and reassuredand how to make us acquire a good understanding of the whole procedure. She made herself entirely available to us throughout the whole process ; from the police custody to the court room. Her job has been remarkable in several cases. She managed to obtain the annulment of proceedings. Those were not a matter of good luck, they were linked to her judicial skills, and the time and effort she puts in every single case. Every single one of Juliette Chapelle’s interventions are relevant and thoughtful. She uses a winning strategy in every case and has all the skills and qualities one would expect from an attorney. She was a massive source of support for me and my family during this period. She made sure to always involve us in the different steps she took. She is not the kind of person who would get cold feet in front of every little difficulty. She is available and present at every step of the way, she does not neglect anything because she knows that nothing is won in advance. I can guarantee that by choosing Juliette Chapelle as your criminal lawyer, you will be absolutely satisfied.
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M. Kougbo

M. Kougbo

Private security agent

I relied on Chapelle Avocat criminal law firm in January 2019, when I was involved in a very complex criminal case based on a murder with suicide of the person who has beenindicted. Juliette Chapelle advised me and represented my interests. She took on the case very quickly and has implemented various strategies in order to address my needs and those of my relatives (she kept us aware the ongoing judicial investigation, she took care of our compensation claim addressed to the victims’ fund, she also took care of our claim in front of the administrative court, urgent civil proceedings, and procedure in front of the civil court). I went to her with a few other criminal problems since then. I mostly appreciated: - Her way of deeply analysing each case before giving us relevant advice on it, - Her pedagogue way of presenting us a situation, which allowed me to have a full understanding of the procedures, - Her kindness and caring ear, - The quality of her advice; she knows how to always present the most relevant strategy, - Her way of addressing the judges in court with pugnacity and her writing style, - Her sense of responsiveness and availability. When I turn towards Chapelle Avocat criminal law firm with a criminal law issue, I always feel safe. I know that Juliette Chapelle and her team will use everything in their power to allow the truth to come out. Juliette Chapelle represents a real source of comfort which is highly appreciated and needed when dealing with painful criminal issues.
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Madame Le Nen

Madame Le Nen

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